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How To Do Pond Repair?

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However carefully you install your pond, it may start to leak at some stage, and repairs will be necessary to maintain the water level.

The method you use will depend entirely on the material from which your pond is made.

Emptying a Pond

You will need to drain your pond before making any repairs. Most ponds can be drained either with an electric pump or by siphoning off the water. Small ponds and individual water features can be emptied by bailing out the water with a bucket.

Checking Plants

Unhealthy plants When removing plants from a pond, take the opportunity to dispose of any that show signs of disease or pest infestations.

Temporary Storage

  • Providing shade: Be sure to store pond plants and creatures in the shade. Without the usual depth of water to protect them, they will be particularly susceptible to damage from high temperatures.
  • Providing protection: Place wire mesh over temporary containers to prevent cats and other animals from preying on any fish or frogs.

Making a temporary pond

Provide a home for the contents of a large pond by making a temporary pond. Dig a hole, and line it with heavy-duty plastic. Fill it with water from your pond, and gradually add the plants and any pond animals.

pond maintenance

Removing contents

You may have to remove some or all of the pond’s contents before making any repairs. Put plants, fish, and any other aquatic life into plastic buckets. Handle everything as carefully and as gently as possible.

Concrete Ponds

  • New lining: If a concrete or rigid-lined pond is leaking badly, you will probably need to reline it.
  • Refill: Empty the pond, then simply lay a rubber liner over the old shell. Refill the pond with water.
  • Tiny cracks: Clean and dry the surface thoroughly, then paint the whole area with a commercial pond sealant.
  • Large cracks: to prolong the effectiveness of a repair, undercut the crack so that it is wider at the base than it is at the surface.
  • Ice: In very cold areas, you may need to empty a concrete pond entirely to prevent damage from freezing water.
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Filling a large crack

Concrete ponds are the most difficult to repair once they have sprung a leak. First, chisel out the crack with a chisel. Then fill it with waterproof cement, which should prevent further leakage. Follow this with a coat of pond sealant.

How To Do Pond Repair?