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How to Do Time Management in Households Chores?

Managing Work Time

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Managing Work Time

The skill of managing work time is not just relevant to the business world. If you have information about time management, you can also organize your household chores neatly within a specific time frame. By doing so, you can complete more housework with less fatigue.

Some of the time management rules derived from the business world can be adapted to your household chores. Plan all of your work in advance and allow sufficient time to complete each task on schedule.

Managing Work Time for Working Effectively

Assign each task a level of importance or urgency for time management, and schedule a specific time limit. Be realistic about how much you can achieve, and allow more time than you think you will need. Discipline yourself to do difficult jobs at the scheduled time instead of putting them off.

Scheduling Tasks for Time Management

  • Make a task list: For managing work time, at the end of each day, list tasks to do the next day, with the most important at the top. Cross off each task as you finish it. Put any unfinished tasks at the top of a list for the following day.
  • Plan ahead: When you write a task list, check your diary entries for the next few days to ensure that you include tasks recorded there.
  • Break down tasks: If a task is lengthy or complex, divide it into small tasks to facilitate time management, each with its own deadline.

Managing Work Time: Making Use of Time

  • Fill spare minutes: Make a list of small jobs such as wiping the dust off the table, putting items into the correct place, or making the bed. If you have a little free time, carry out two or three of these tasks.
  • Work while watching television: If you will watch TV for a relatively long time, you can perform some work during the session, such as reviewing your time management plan, making short phone calls, or even preparing vegetables.
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Classifying Jobs

Draw a chart: Divide a page into quarters. Title the columns “Urgent” and “Routine,” and the rows “Simple” and “Complex.” Note tasks in the relevant areas to help you plan your schedule.

Organizing Yourself and Others

To keep to your work schedule, you need to make it easy to accomplish tasks. Arrange your work to suit you so that you maintain your motivation. If you want other family members to make things easier for you, make appointments ahead of time, and brief others carefully before delegating jobs to them.

Things to Remember

Make a note of the arrangements you make with other family members or of your work-sharing plans. Keep these notes for future reference. Write down appointments with someone in your diary as soon as you make them. Confirm the time and place the day before. This habit will make time management much easier.
time management in households chores

Making Work Easy

  • Selecting times: Do your most demanding work when you are most alert. For example, if you are at your peak in the morning, schedule demanding tasks for that time and use the afternoon for routine tasks.

Tip: Here, we will look at some examples of how the concept of time management can be adapted from the business world to household chores. For more information about managing work time, please click on the “tags” below.