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How to do Cleaning with Lemon ?

How to do Cleaning with Lemon ?

Cleaning With Lemon

Natural sources can be a good way to effective cleaning. Lemon is one of them. You can use lemon for many purposes. Lemon can be used for cleaning of stains from clothes, kitchen cleaning, and bathroom cleaning.

Let’s take a look tips for cleaning with lemon.

How to do Cleaning with Lemon?

Lemon has sterilising properties. You can use places that require high hygiene like kitchens, bathroom and other places. It is a good method to prevent bad odours inside a dishwasher. You can place lemon peel inside dishwasher compartment that you put spoons. After one washing put the new lemon peel. Lemon you put in the dishwasher also helps to will shine your plates and glasses.

Cleaning with lemon is a good way for marble countertops. Lemon is effective to remove stains on the countertop. You just need to rub it with lemon.

Cleaning with lemon is an alternative method for window cleaning. Mix four tablespoons lemon juice and 2 litres of water; wipe windows with this mixture. This mixture allows you to remove water stains on the glass efficiently.

Sterilise your cutting boards with lemon. Wipe the board with half of lemon. Wait 10 minutes and wash. Cleaning with lemon is ideal for cutting boards and wooden objects.

Cleaning with lemon is also useful for removing stains. You can get an effective stain solvent to squeeze lemon and add baking soda on the stain. Then wash them in the washing machine. You will get rid of the stains!

You can wipe sinks in the home with lemon. It also shows effective results on bathtub and mixer taps.

Cleaning with lemon is a natural and healthy way of cleaning. Use homemade products to clean places like bathtubs, sinks, doors. Add 1 cup of vinegar and half lemon juice in 2 litres of water. You can use this water for cleaning of many surfaces.

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