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What Are The Tricks of Clothing Care?

What Are The Tricks of Clothing Care?

What Are The Tricks of Clothing Care? We have old or new clothes which clothes we not to give up.  No matter how old or new, especially ladies can not give up the clothes. Wool, velvet or whatever type, we can not throw away old or we can use cause will get fledge.

So I guess to protect our clothes, we need to learn The Tricks of Clothing Care.

Clothing Care: Knitwear Wash Tricks

Whether our synthetic yarn made by  knitwear, mercerized or woolen, if we know the tricks of the clothing care, Enjoy extended use can wash without damaging our knitwear.

  • Soak thoroughly with soap and water and wash your knitwear without bleaching.
  • Rinse, rinse often do over again by refreshing water.
  • Always wash your knitwear with warm water.

The Shining Fabrics

If your pants or your skirt is shining, you need to cut a potato in the middle and rub shining part of your clothes with potato. When the potatos mousture get dry on the cloth you should brush shining place by the brusher then you will see that shining is gone.

For Paled Cloths

You likewhite and you have many White clothes right? So for the recover the White clothes, add a spoon of oxygenated water into a liter of water and oak your white clothes turned into paleness in this water for about an hour. You will have your clothes became white than ever before.

Knitwear Wash Tricks

Clothing Care: What To Do For Fledged Sweater?

If your sweaters are old and and started to occur yarns sets, ıts easy to get rip of this ıssue.

  • Thoroughly clean the yarns sets on your sweater by hand.
  • Then, find yourself a bristle brush and floss your right direction unlike the knitted sweater.
  • Repeat this process as long as your sweater fibrillation.

Clothing Care: What Do You Do For Velvet Clothes?

Each outfits is another meaning for women. But the location of the velvet outfits is different. Type of fabric is delicate and because of they show us more fashionable so recall how we care of our velvet clothes again.

  • Firstly, Let’s get a clean brush.
  • Dip dry and clear brush to dry salt and wipe your clothes. After this process you will see that the stain and gloss disappears.
  • To fix extreme brightness of old velvet trousers, dip your iron cloth to vinegar water and then iron with hot water compeletly. So you wil see then shining will gone to your velvet clothes.
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