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Effective Help for Urinary Incontinence

Help for Urinary Incontinence

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What can you do to deal with Incontinence

Experiencing incontinence problems can have severe impacts on your life quality. You may have accidents in public or having fun with your friends. Understandably, this constant risk may withdraw you from socializing. You may have been believing that it is a part of life because of the changes in your body, either caused by your age or and even like childbirth. But this is not true. You can try many things to get help for incontinence to reduce the risk of having accidents.

In this article, we are going to look at some quick tips that can help you. By using these tips, you can improve your life quality. Let’s see what you can do.

Help for Incontinence

If you are looking for tips that can offer you help for incontinence on the internet, chances are that you didn’t want to talk about this problem with a professional. In fact, according to statistics, most women avoid getting proper help for incontinence until they get really tired of it. The average time that women suffer from incontinence before getting proper help is over half a decade.

So, before any other tips, we should mention that you should pay a visit to your doctor about this problem as soon as possible. Your doctor or a specialist can give an examination and prescribe you a personalized solution for your incontinence problem.

To be able to offer you help for incontinence, your doctor will need to determine the type of incontinence you are experiencing. If you want to try your own solutions you will need to determine the type of incontinence you are suffering too. There are various incontinence types that have different reasons and solutions. You can check our article on incontinence types to determine the differences between these types.

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Kegel Exercises Help For Incontinence

Since for many people, incontinence problems are caused by weakened bladder muscles, making them stronger can be a help for incontinence. To do this you can use kegel exercises.

You can do these kegel exercises by squeezing the muscles you normally use to hold your pee as hard as you can, then releasing them after counting up to 10. You should repeat this 10 times every 2 or 3 hours you are awake. Of course, if you are already experiencing severe incontinence, be sure that you are not holding your pee while doing this. Doing it in the toilet is a good idea.
After a couple of months, you should experience fewer and fewer accidents and leaks.

Scheduling Help For Incontinence

Urinating as soon as you feel an urge doesn’t help for incontinence. It can cause your bladder muscles to become weaker. To prevent this you can try scheduling.

For most working people, using the restroom is not a thing that they can do as soon as they need it. This allows these people to unwillingly do urination scheduling exercise.

But if your work allows you to take frequent breaks, or if you are a house-wife, you may have easy access to use a restroom whole day. So, instead, you can artificially do
the scheduling for your restroom uses. It is quite an effective help for incontinence.

To do this scheduling, you can establish a minimum time you need to wait between your restroom visits. Pushing yourself to hold your pee until the next restroom time can make your bladder stronger and prevent accidents in the future.

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Keep in mind that you do not need to torture yourself when you cannot hold your pee anymore. Just hold it as long as you can. Kegel exercises we mentioned earlier can help you increase your limit. When your bladder gets stronger, you will notice that holding your pee gets easier and you can hold it longer than before.

Medicines That Can Offer Help For Incontinence

Depending on your incontinence type, when you visit your doctor, the specialist might offer you a medicinal help for incontinence.

There are many incontinence medicines that work in different ways. Some people can benefit a medicine that releases the stress on the bladder muscles, while the same medicine can make other people experience worse incontinence. Some people require suppressing nerves that cause urges, but it may not work for you.

Therefore, although in some cases, certain incontinence medicines can give a miraculous solution, you should not use the medicines that other people recommend. These medicines can give you serious side-effects and no benefits too. So you should only use the ones that your doctor prescribes to you.

Pessary Device Help For Incontinence

In some incontinence cases, women can use a special device called pessary that helps them stop urinal leakage. You can get this device by visiting a clinic. This prosthetic device can be placed near the cervix and it put some pressure on the end of the urethra. So it can make it easier to hold your pee.

Getting Injection Help For Incontinence

For certain types, your doctor can also offer help for incontinence by giving you some injections. Getting bulking injections like collagen in the deep end of your urethra can make it easier to hold your pee and stop leaks.

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Surgical Help For Urinary Incontinence

Similar to the injection methods, you can also consider surgical solutions that can offer help for incontinence. These surgical solutions differ depending ın the type of incontinence you suffer.

For stress incontinence, the surgical method involves suspending the bladder or uterus to allow the bladder neck to work properly. But for the urge incontinence may require a surgical stimulation that stops certain problematic nerves.

Leak Barrier Help For Incontinence

Having small urine leaks that can soak your pants is quite upsetting, especially in public. If you are experiencing such problems, you can consider using products for leak protection.

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There are special products that are designed for incontinence problems. These products are much easier to use than you would think. You can just stick them in your underwear and get rid of the anxiety of having leaks. And they are quite discreet as they have various designs to fit different genders and body sizes.

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