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Take Time For Relax Yourself

Take Time For Relax Yourself

Allow some time every week for pampering yourself. Listen to music, read, or take a long bath. Ask other people in your household not to disturb you.

For deep relaxation, try one of the methods listed in the chart below. Seek expert advice before trying these techniques.

Method Technique Benefits
Yoga: Uses sequences of movements and breathing techniques. Gently stretches and tones muscles, and reduces anxiety.
Meditation: Involves focusing on a specific word or image for about 10 minutes. Improves thought processes and reduces stress level.
Progressive relaxation Involves tensing, then relaxing, each part of the body in turn. Reduces mental and physical tension. If practised in bed, aids restful sleep.
Aromatherapy: Uses natural oils diluted in a base oil in a bath or applied by massage. Lessens stress. Used with expert advice, it can ease physical problems.
Massage: Involves relaxing muscles with types of touching and stroking. Relieves stiff or tense muscles and comforts the mind.

Preparing for a massage when you massage yourself or someone else, use a warm, quiet, softly lit room. Lie on a. firm, padded surface such as a pile of blankets on the floor.
Using oil To make your hands glide, over the skin, use aromatherapy oil or a light cooking oil. Pour a tiny amount into one hand. Rub your hands to warm the oil before use.

Giving Yourself A Relaxing Facial Massage

To begin the massage, put your hands over your face, hold for a moment, then stroke outward once. Using both hands, stroke the backs of your fingers up each cheek, from your mouth to your ear, 10 times. Stroke your forehead with your fingers, from your nose to your hairline, 10 times. Massage your temples by rubbing in small circles with your thumbs. To finish the massage, warm your eyelids with your palms, then put your hands over your face and stroke.

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Calming Your Mind

• Getting exercise Release tension in your body through activities such as swimming or walking. Exercise will improve the blood supply to your brain, helping you to clear your mind and lift your mood. It will also encourage restful sleep.
• Breathing deeply Sit or lie in a comfortable position. Take a deep breath, hold it for a few seconds, then breathe out. Let your abdomen as well as your chest move with your breath. Repeat for up to five minutes.
• Using your thoughts Sit or lie comfortably, then visualise a peaceful scene such as a sunlit beach. Imagine that you are there, sensing the light and warmth. Feel your body relax as your mind forms the image.
• Listening to music Play your favorite calming music. Wear headphones so that you can concentrate on the sound.
• Popping bubble wrap Dispel tension instantly by popping the bubbles in bubble wrap.

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