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How Can I Plan My Bathroom?

How Can I Plan My Bathroom?

Organize a bathroom so that it is safe and comfortable to use. If you do not wish to redo it completely, add inexpensive storage units and decorative features. Make several plans before beginning work to find the most effective way of using the space available.

Making The Most Of A Bathroom

Positioning fixtures and furniture:Whatever the size of your bathroom, leave at least 3 ft (1 m) of clear space in front of the bath, sink, and toilet, so that you have easy access to them. Position furniture so that it will not restrict access to these fixtures. For example, use space at the end of a tub to keep a laundry basket out of the way of people using the bathroom.

Organizing Basics
• Before you plan or reorganize ; bathroom, take the following steps to ensure that it will be easy to clean and safe to use.
• Plumbing If pipes or water valves are hidden behind cabinet doors, dear spacc in front of them so that you can reach them in an emergency. Surfacing For areas around baths and basins, choose surfaces such as tiles, which arc easy to clean and will not harbor bacteria. Flooring Install nonskid surfacing in a bath or shower and on the floor.
• Electrical items Ask a qualified electrician to check that any electrical outlets, such as an outlet for an electric razor, are well insulated.

Saving Space in a Bathroom
Bathrooms are often small, so it is important to make the most of the space. Put shelves in empty areas such as space above a door.
Use odd-shaped areas, such as space under a sink to give extra storage. Group toiletries so that they are within easy reach of users.


Using Small Spaces
• Storing around a toilet Use the space behind a toilet bowl to keep cleaning items.
• Collecting batlı toys To prevent bath toys from cluttering a bathroom, store the toys in a plastic dish rack. Wash the toys and the dish rack once a week.
• Installing a seat Instead of putting a chair in a bathroom, install a pull-down seat on one wall to keep the floor clear.
• Using another room If a bathroom is very small, keep nonessential items in another room. For example, put a laundry basket in an empty corner of a bedroom.

Stoking Toiletries
Filling a corner:If you have a corner of empty space beside a bath, put a small set of shelves there for holding toiletries. Position the shelves so that they will not restrict access to the bath faucets.

Storing Under The Sink
To create enclosed storage space, fix waterproof curtains around a sink. Attach the curtains to the sink with touch-and-close tape. Remove and cfean the curtains every few weeks.

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