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What Do Women Want In Men?

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Men think that women don’t know what they want! Well, it’s very wrong, because women do know what they always want.

If you are a man and really want to know what do women want, then keep on reading this article.

Things That All Women Want

• Don’t ever lie o a woman even for small things. Well, don’t lie o a woman for big things either. No matter how hard you try to hide things from a woman, she will know what. She will know from your eyes, looks, even the way you are talking to her.

• Don’t ever cheat on her. No matter how bad the things go, or no matter how drunk you are at the bar with the hot chick next to you, don’t cheat on her. If you don’t love her anymore just leave her, please!

• Be nice to her. Don’t be rude when you need her in the bed and/or don’t be too nice before she is in your bed. Just keep things the way it should be. Be yourself all the time.

• Don’t change after a couple weeks. No matter what be honest with her about who you are, what you do, how you think about the woman. Don’t try playing any games on her because sooner or later she will see your real face.

• Guys let me tell you something no matter what the big thing doesn’t look at the other women when you with your lady. This is one thing women can not handle.

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say what

• Before you get close to her make sure that you know everything about her ex, and make sure you know the all the mistakes he was done and make sure you don’t make the same mistakes like him. Because if you do that she will start to wonder why she is with you.

• When you say your lady you will call, just call her man. If you are not gone call, then don’t tell her that you will at the beginning.

• Support her even she is wrong! Yes, do it guys. Because, if you don’t support her she will find somebody who is supporting her no matter what!

• If you make a promise then you will keep that promise. Because that will stress her very soon and she will start to think that you are the wrong person. And she will start to talk to her friends about you more and more until she just say ‘‘You know what? it’s not you, it’s me’’!