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How to Clean Windows

Cleaning of windows

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Cleaning of windows

Cleaning of windows is one of the hard and time-consuming jobs. Right methods and products can make this job easier than usual.

Always use liquid detergents for more efficient and quick cleaning. The solid particles cause residues and make cleaning hard and scratch the windows. You can use window cleaning products for that. Many of them also have a polishing effect.

How to clean windows

Before you start cleaning of windows, fill a bucket with detergent and water. Soak a clean sponge in this water and start cleaning. After cleaning of windows, the drying process is critical to prevent water stains. Choose a soft cloth for that.

Another cleaning of windows method is to use vinegar. You know vinegar is the natural substance that we use in many kinds of cleaning techniques including windows. Pour a few drops of vinegar into your cleaning water. That will make the windows shiny.

Dishwashing detergents can be used for cleaning of windows too. These detergent polishes windows and they are extremely effective in removing particularly stubborn stains such as oil because of their chemical content.

Dirt accumulates on the windows easily. They can be irritating and may be more difficult to clean than you think.

You should avoid using specific chemicals for cleaning of windows. Cleaning with acetone, gasoline, paint thinners is really harmful to windows. Many people think that these powerful substances are effective on stubborn stains, but these are not proper for windows. Because such agents can lead to more serious problems like shortens the life of the glass. They also damaged the polish and made windows look dull.

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Cleaning of windows The toothbrush may seem a little different cleaning of windows method, but you will like it. Because it is a trick, that remove little stains easily and quick.

You should clean windows for every 15-20 days. As time goes by stains become harder and cleaning becomes more difficult.