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Add Our Web Site to Your White List

You are using a software that will ruin the Internet.

If you do not see the essential content of pages, probably you are using an innocent-looking “Anti-Advertising” program. You are not only wrong about a website that tries to offer you free services, but you also support an attitude that will stop the internet from staying free of charge.

If you want to punish all the people because of some bad people, you also will punish many good people, including yourself.


“The Internet is a free environment. Do I have to see the ads?”

Thanks to advertisements that, all internet services (Google, Facebook, Youtube, etc …) which made with multi-billion dollars investments are offered us FREE. Therefore, preventing advertisements is a kind of theft and will cause being to be chargeable everything on the internet, in the near future. Are you ready to pay very high subscription fees each month to Facebook, Tweeter, Skype, Google, Yahoo, Youtube, Instagram, WhatsApp, and all other internet sites? Do you have that much money?.. (We don’t.)

You don’t have to throw money into the donation box in the church. But, if some people say that “We don’t have to see this donation bin here”, this means that they’re enemies to those who give them something as unrequited. It is also theft that if they continue to receive the unrequited services.

You don’t have to click on the ads on the websites. But because of the “possibility” of clicking, the services (made by a high cost) are given free to you. If that “possibility” disappears, the costs cannot be covered, and services cannot be provided. It’s that simple.

If this thoughtlessness persists, all the websites (including ours) will go to the “paid membership” system. Then the internet will be “finished” for most people. Is this what you want to do?

Also, annoying excessive advertisements are located at only on wárez (illegal downloads) sites, illegal film watching sites and pórn sites. If you are not related to such websites, advertisements do not bother you.

Now we suggest you to delete the Anti-Advertise software from your computer or phone. But in spite of everything, if you don’t want to remove that harmful and unthinking program; you must add our website to your “White List” to see the contents of it. Because, we want to continue to offer our services to you, as FREE of charge.

We have NO any annoying advertisements like as full-page adds, popups, splashs or excessive and aggressive ads that covering the site content.

Please now add our site to the “White List” of your Anti-Advert plugin.

Thank you!.