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You Need Help With Biological Stains

You Need Help With Biological Stains

Treat biological stains immediatl, since they can be difficult to remove if they are allowed to set. Also, they invariably carry unpleasant smells, which tend to linger if the stain is not cleaned up as quickly as possible.

Blood Stains

Blood is a combination stain that soaks into stains and therefore cannot be scraped off, surfaces and leaves a deposit on the top. but it should be wiped off with a clean cloth The deposit is not as thick as some biological immediately. After that, treat the colored stain.

On Carpets
General treatment Sponge the area with cold water, and blot dry. Repeat until the stain disappears. If this does not work, use a carpet-spotting kit, followed by an application of carpet shampoo.

Dried Bloodstains
On clothes Soak in a hydrogen peroxide solution, with tsp (2.5 ml) added ammonia. (Do not use on nylon.) On carpets Use a glycerin solution, then treat as for fresh stains. On untreated wood Bleach stains with diluted household bleach, then stain the wood to its original shade.

Urine Stains

Urine leaves an unpleasant stain that can result in a permanent mark and smell if it is not treated properly immediately. However, correct treatment is usually successful, so if this is a recurring problem in your household, keep the remedy on hand.


Removing marks

On Leather Shoes
Fresh stains Wipe polished shoes with a cloth wrung out in warm water. When dry, buff shoes well, then polish.

Wipe gently with a damp cloth. Brush the damp area with a suede brush. On dry marks, use a shoe salt stain remover. Brush with a suede brush between applications.

On Carpets
Fresh stains Use a carpet cleaner containing deodorant. Alternatively, sponge with cold water, pat dry, then rinse with a little antiseptic added to a bowl of cold water. Dried stains Treat as for fresh stains to remove the smell and the mark. Raise any faded color by sponging with a mild ammonia solution.

On Clothes
Colored fabrics Rinse in cold water, then launder according to fabric type, Pale fabrics Bleach dried urine stains with a hydrogen peroxide solution, to which a few drops of ammonia have been added. Alternatively, soak the item in enzymatic detergent, or use a commercial stain remover.

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