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What Do You Know About Heating and Cooling?

What Do You Know About Heating and Cooling?

What Do You Know About Heating and Cooling? In this article, you can read everything about heating and cooling.

The initial expenditure on insulation could easily be recouped in just a couple of years.

A Cool Home

Insulate allies to limit the anion ill of heal entering your home. Ilea! rises, so open attic and upstairs windows in hot weather to let hot air escape. The hottest windows are those that face south and west protect them with blinds, curtains, or awnings, and sbady trees. Walls absorb heat, so paint them with light color’s to reflect heat and sunlight. Weather-strip doors to prevent heal loss from drafts.

A Warm Home

At least 25 percent of heal loss is through the roof dramatically reduce this loss by using attic insulation. Chimneys can let in drafts, so block tip unused fireplaces. Up to 10 per­cent of heat is lost through windows – use weather stripping, storm windows, and heavy curtains to reduce this. A third of a house’s heat is lost through un­insulated walls call in an expert to insulate them properly. Ground floors can lose 16 percent of a home’s heat. Have a floors insulated by a professional.

Controlling temperatures

Insulation is the key to keeping your home warm. Shady trees, window awnings, and light- colored walls help keep your home cool in warm weather.

Reducing Cooling and Heating Bills

Cooling Bills

  • Windows Install awnings over sunny windows to shade them, or plant trees and climbing plants to provide shade.
  • Fans Install an attic fan to pull heat out of the house. A low-speed ceiling fan in the kitchen will be more efficient than a high-speed one.
  • Air conditioners Put air conditioners on the shadier side of the house, or put up awnings over them. Make sure you clean air filters regularly.

Reducing Cooling and Heating Bills

Heating Bills

  • Thermostats Turn down your central heating and hot water thermostats by a couple of degrees to save 10 percent off your electricity bills.
  • Insulating The heat-saving benefits of insulating hot-water pipes and cylinders will be obvious almost immediately.
  • Storm windows Storm windows are expensive to install, but will eventually pay for themselves in savings on your heating bill.
  • Floor insulation Fill in cracks in floorboards, and insulate floors with carpets. Call an expert to insulate under the floor – it will be worth the cost in the long run.
  • Attic insulation A quarter of a home’s heat is lost through the roof. Prevent this by insulating the attic with fiberglass or other insulation.

Weather stripping Buy adhesive insulation strips for drafty doors and windows.

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