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Trouble With Vomit Stains

Trouble With Vomit Stains

With vomit, it is vital to get rid of all the deposit before tackling the underlying stain.

Wearing rubber gloves, use the bowl of a spoon to lift off as much as possible, and use a metal ruler to scrape up the final traces. Be careful not to spread the stain.

How to clean vomit stains?

On Carpets
Removing stains Sponge with laundry borax solution, then with clear, warm water that includes a few drops of antiseptic. If any discoloration remains, work in the lather from some carpet shampoo with a sponge, or use an aerosol foam cleanser. Removing smells If the smell persists, continue rinsing with clear water and antiseptic until it disappears.

On Furnuture
Upholstery Sponge the area with warm water containing a little ammonia, then pat dry. Or, use an upholstery cleaner that contains a deodorizer. Clean expensive or delicate items professionally. Mattresses remove stains by following the method shown the opposite. Sponge with a warm solution of dishwashing liquid. Sponge off with warm water that contains a little antiseptic.

vomit stains

On Clothes
Removing stains Rinse the area under cold running water until the mark begins to fade, rubbing the fabric gently between your hands to help die process. Soak, then launder in enzymatic detergent if the fabric is suitable. Alternatively, launder the garment as usual according to fabric type. Removing Smells If the smell persists after laundering, launder the item again.

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