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Tips To Be Beautiful Without Makeup

Tips To Be Beautiful Without Makeup

Ladies no makeup, sound scary ha! But there is many girls and ladies dont wana have makeup anymore. It’s really not to healty to have makeup every second in ur life. 

So the question, is it even possible to be beautiful witout makeup? Well, yes it is possible an even beter. Just keep on reading the  Tips To Be Beautiful Without Makeup article.

Trust Ur Self

To feel beautiful first step is, trusting ur self. Dont worry abot anything. U should know that every woman r beautiful in their on way. There is no such thig as ugly woman. U r beautiful and u do can walk and work without makeup.

Take Care Ur Skin

Ofcourse u r beautiful, but just fort hat dont get lazy! Ur skin is very importand for u. So, car efor ur skin. Do not let the night goes by without cleaning ur face. Take very good care to ur face. Clean ur face three times of day.

Understand Ur Skin

We r all diffrent people so we do have diffrent skin types. That’ way, we do have to understand our skin type. Is it oily or dry maybe even mix? Ones we do understand wich type, then we can start the use the right face soap. We just need to make sure what ever we use soap we have to apply the soap with  the some quality loofah.

Keep Ur Eyebrows In Shape

Yes, always keep ur eyebrows in nice and smooth shape. But make sure u do have the right shape of eyebrow for ur face. Fınd out wich type of ur face is, after that find the right shape of eyebrow for ur face type. Ones u find the right eyebrow style, than keep ur eyebrows in same shape and dont let them grow like crazy.
Tips To Be Beautiful Without Makeup

Use The Right Creams

After u find out ur skin type, make sure u get ur self a right cream for ur face. And if u like creams like i do, then use the lifting creams as well. Morning and night just keep on using it. Even ıf u r using the foundation of some type that because u r very new to life without makeup, then use the face lifting cream under the foundation.

Watch What U Eating And Drinking

Always eat and drink healty. Ok, maybe u like alcohol that’s fine, just try to drink much more less. Always drink water, because water is the best thing u can give ur skin.

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