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Three Ways to Repair Creaking Stairs

Three Ways to Repair Creaking Stairs

How To Repair Creaking Stairs?

Gluing a riser
Push a screwdriver between the tread and the riser and insert a piece of cardboard covered with wood glue. Leave it there. Repeat until the squeak is gone.

Adding a wood block
A persistent squeak may need tackling from under the stairs. Glue a triangular block of wood into the corner of the tread and riser. Secure it with screws.

Replacing wedges
With old stairs, you may have to replace the stair wedges to fix a squeak. Clean off the old glue, reapply, then hammer the new wedges back into place.

Three Ways to Repair Windows

If a window has broken and you cannot repair it at once, board it up with chipboard. Always wear heavy gloves when dealing withglass. Cover small cracks temporarily with heavy plastic and masking tape. Be sure window panes are sealed properly.

Removing PanesHandling broken glass Wear thick gardening gloves when handling broken glass, and use goggles if you have to break any glass. Dispose of broken glass in the newspaper.

Using masking tape; Carefully crisscross pieces of masking tape over a broken windowpane. Cover the glass with a heavy cloth, then tap gently with a hammer to break away the pieces from the window without splintering.

Replacing Panes

Replacing Panes

1. Buy a pane of glass that is 1/16, in (1.5 mm) smaller than the window opening on all sides. Chip out any old putty. Clean out the recess, and paint it with primer.
2. Lay a bed of fresh putty in the rabbet in the window frame. Press the new piece of glass into position around the edges – not in the center, where it could break. Insert glazing brads or clips to keep the pane of glass in place.

Window Problems
• Damaged putty As putty hardens, it may crack and fall out. Chip it out with a chisel, and replace all the putty – not just the damaged section.
• Sticking windows Abuild¬up of paint may cause a wooden window to stick. Strip paint off the edge, and plane it to fit the frame. Repaint the wood.
• Condensation Install secondary double glazing to prevent condensation on metal window frames.


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