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How to Remove With Bad Breath

How to Remove With Bad Breath

No matter what you do, you can not get rid of the bad breath? Well it’s not just you who is in this situation. Even if you do brush your teeth every day even more than one time, it’s still can be the bad breath problem. I know you wana knwo why.

Well it can be from so many things that you have bad breath problem. Even if you dont know, the foods that you have eat in the da yor the drinks that you drink can be the cause of the bad breath. But maybe some time it can be from so many other things.

To be able to understan what is teh cause of teh bad breath, you need to fallow all the little details that i will write on the page.

Why Bad Breath & How to Fight With It?

  • First of all, just the simply i wana say if you do brush your teeth 2 times of day, than try to go for 3 times of day.
  • If after 3 times of day still did not work for you then, try to buy some herbal mouth wash from the pharmacy. Dont go chemical always go for herbal.
  • If you do have bad breath problem, it may also means that you dont drink water enough. Try this and drink 2 or more liters of water every day. Because all those water will clean the all stuff causes bad breath.
  • Keep your tongue clean as possible. Even keep clean your tongue in the day time.
  • Be carefull what is your medicine, because so many types of medicine can cause the bad breath problems.
  • Dont drink to many coffee and tea in the one day. Try to drink 1 or 2 cup but no more than that.
  • If you like to drink alcohol every day, you may want to slow it down a little bit. Because the alcohol can cause the bad breath problem as well.
  • Spicy food? Nope, dont do that alot either. Try not to eat spicy food. Try to go soft and smooth stuff. Not too spicy not to hot just right.
  • Smoking will dry your mouth and this will cause the bad breath for sure. So what we gone do, try not to smoke too much.
  • You love sweet gum right? Well, dont be anymore because sweet gums can be the reall reason of the bad breath as well. Because sweet gum can be decomposed by the sugar bacteria and can be the creator of the bad breath.

remove bad breath

  • Fallow the gum disease, and fallow your teeths. Maybe after all you just need to go to dentist.
  • Keep your tooth brush clean and dry. Every time after brushing your teeths, make sure you have a very clean tooth brush and put soem place dry as well.
  • Mint spray or mouth wash will not stop the bad breath at all. Those products will only keep away the bad breath just for few minutes or so.
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