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How To Do Impromptu Entertaining?

How To Do Impromptu Entertaining?

You will be able to cope with these occasions easily if you keep certain items on hand and use them creatively.

Preparing Standby Foods

Always keep your kitchen pantry well stocked, so that if you have to entertain on short notice you will be prepared. Everyday foods can quickly be transformed into impressive dishes with a little imagination. Keep a stock of luxury foods to add last-minute special touches.

Storing in the Freezer

  • Making individual portions When freezing main dishes or desserts to keep as standbys, freeze in one-portion packs so that you can remove only as many servings as you need.
  • Freezing stuffings Make rich fruit or herb stuffings for meat and poultry and store them in the freezer to use on special occasions in the future.
  • Making bruschetta Slice ciabatta bread, and reassemble for freezing. When guests arrive, spread the frozen slices with pesto sauce, sprinkle with grated cheese, and bake until golden. Serve with salad.

Freezing Cream

Piping rosettes; Store whipped-cream rosettes in the freezer, ready for last-minute decorations. Pipe onto a cookie sheet lined with wax< paper. Freeze until solid, then pack in rigid boxes to store.

Impromptu Entertaining

Freezing Pancakes

Interleaving with paper; When you cook pancakes, make more than you need, and freeze those you do not use. Interleave with waxed paper, overwrap, and freeze. You will be able to remove as many as you need.

Pantry Dessert

Stuffing pancakes

Thaw frozen pancakes in the microwave, fold into quarters and fill with canned fruits. Heat until bubbling, and serve with whipped cream or ice cream.

Baked peach snowballs Fill the hollows of canned peach halves with crumbled macaroons or graham crackers, cover the peaches completely with meringue, and bake until the “snowBalls” are golden.

  • Apple surprise Mix together applesauce and vanilla pudding or yoghurt. Spoon the mixture into serving dishes, and top with toasted nuts.
  • Raspberry rice Stir frozen raspberries into store-bought rice pudding, and spoon into dessert glasses to serve.
  • Pears in port Drain canned pear halves and arrange the fruits in a shallow dish. Pour over enough port to cover, and chill before serving.
  • Fried pineapple rings Drain canned pineapple rings and saute them gently in butter until they are golden in colour. Sprinkle with brown sugar and a little brandy. Servediot with whipped cream or ice cream.

Using Basic Stores

  • Serving snacks Keep jars of olives, nuts, and savory nibbles on hand to serve with drinks while you are preparing a meal for unexpected guests.
  • Making antipasto Combine canned or bottled ingredients such as artichoke hearts, sun-dried tomatoes, cannellini beans, sardines, and pimentos to make a quick antipasto. Serve with crusty bread.
  • Creating rice dishes Mix leftover long-grain rice with a variety of foods such as flaked salmon, tuna, or shreds of chicken and vegetables such as peas or corn. Heat all the ingredients gently before serving as the main course, or serve cold as a speedy salad.


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