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How To Do Comfort in Work?

How To Do Comfort in Work?

Avoiding Repetitive Strain Injury

Positioning yourself to use a computer: Repetitive strain injury (RSI) is pain or muscle damage that occurs when you repeatedly overuse your shoulders, arms, or hands.

If you use a computer regularly, adjust your computer, desk, and chair so that you can work comfortably. Make sure that your back, feet, and wrists are well supported. When you use the keyboard, regularly flex and relax your hands so that they do not become stiff and painful.

Improving Conditions

  • Lighting work areas Prevent headaches and eyestrain by fitting overhead lighting that is bright and does not flicker.
  • Using a desk lamp Angle a desk lamp so that it lights your work without dazzling you. If you use a lamp near a computer screen, make sure that the light does not reflect off the screen into your eyes.
  • Regulating temperature Use equipment such as a portable heater or an electric fan to maintain the air around you at a comfortable temperature.
  • Adding plants Plants release oxygen, which improves air quality. They also emit water vapor, which restores the moisture to dry air. If you wish to upgrade the air in which you work, position a few potted plants around your work area.

Positioning yourself to use a computer

Reducing Work-Related Stress

Excessive stress can reduce your efficiency and make you ill. Take action as soon as you start to feel overtired or unhappy. Do not allow stress to persist for a long time.

  • Relaxing eyes From time to time, look up from your Work and focus your eyes or objects at different distances.
  • Relieving face muscles Frowning can create mental as well as physical tension, so try the following exercise to relieve this stress. Tense all of your face muscles, hold for a moment, and then relax the muscles. Repeat several times.
  • Staying active To keep your energy levels high, do some form of exercise at least two or three times a week.
  • Having lunch Make time to eat lunch in a relaxed manner. This will stop your blood sugar level from dropping and prevent indigestion.
  • Playing music If you are not doing written work, relax by listening to music while you work. The music can block out background noise as well as give you pleasure.
  • Scheduling leisure time Try not to let work extend beyond office hours. Keep in regular contact with your family and friends, so that you do not become lonely.
  • Boosting morale Write a list of all your achievements, including minor ones. Refer to the list whenever you feel depressed or uncertain to boost your confidence.

Relaxing tired eyes Using your index fingers, rub small circles just above the centers of your eyebrows, changing direction every 10 circles. Pinch the bridge of your nose several times, then rub small circles on the centres of your cheekbones. Finish by stroking large circles around your eye sockets, working outward from the bridge of your.

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