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How To Decorating Place Settings Of Table?

How To Decorating Place Settings Of Table?

How To Decorating Place Settings Of Table? Bu makalede etkileyici masa dekorasyonu hakkında bilgiler bulacaksınız.

Whatever the occasion – whether formal or informal – imaginative place settings will help make guests feel welcome and break the ice as they sit down to eat.

Creating an Individual Display

Giving Edible Favors

Using flowers; To give a place setting a fresh, seasonal touch, arrange edible flowers or fresh herbs around a dinner plate on a wide underplate. Spray the flowers gently with water to keep them fresh for as long as possible.

Decorating Plates & Placemats

  • Stenciling underplates Decorate large underplates by stenciling around their rims. Using nontoxic paints, spray holly leaves, hearts, stars, or a band of gold or silver color.
  • Decorating placemats For a themed adults’ or children’s party, cut out paper shapes of hearts or cartoon characters to decorate plain placemats. Secure in place with glue.

Tying net bundles; Make edible favors for guests to take home as mementos. Place Jordan almonds and chocolates on small circles of fine nylon net. Then gather up the net, and tie each bundle with ribbon.

Setting the Scene

  • Making a pastry garland For a romantic occasion, shape shortcrust pastry or cookie dough into small hearts. Pierce a hole in each with a skewer, and bake. Thread the hearts together with ribbon to make a garland around each plate.
  • Decorating chairs To trim chairs for a wedding, use wired florist’s ribbon to fashion extravagant bows, and attach one to the back of each guest’s chair. Alternatively, “tie on small bouquets of fresh flowers to match the bride’s bouquet.
  • Adding roses Place a single red rose across each place setting as a romantic gift for each guest at a wedding or anniversary celebration.
  • Lighting candles Just before the guests are seated, place a red apple with a long taper candle stuck in it at each setting. Lower the lights when all the candles are lit.

Using Fruits & Spices

Making spice bundles Gather together small bundles of warm, winter spices such as cinnamon sticks and ginger with a few bay leaves. Tie together with ribbons as festive gifts for your guests.

Decorating Place Settings Of Table

Decorating citrus fruits

Make spice-scented pomanders as gifts to decorate each table setting. Stud small oranges or limes with cloves, then tie a patterned ribbon around each, and finish with a decorative bow.

Using Finger Foods

Making edible treats; For a summer party, thread two or three fresh strawberries onto wooden skewers with a mint leaf between the fruits. Place a skewer on each plate for a predinner appetizer.

Decorating with herbs

Decorate a country-style table setting by tying each napkin loosely around two or three bread sticks. Add a few sprigs of fresh rosemary or bay leaves for a delicate scent.

Making Centerpieces

Even on an informal occasion, a colorful centerpiece of flowers or fruits will bring an extra-special touch to the table. Make sure that the size and shape of a centerpiece allows your guests to see one another across the dining table. Stabilise vases with stones or marbles.

Arranging Fruity, Floral Displays

Using Fruits; Arrange flowers for a buffet-table centerpiece in a glass dish packed with pieces of fresh fruit. The fruits feed the flowers, keeping them fresh.

Making a melon basket; Make a dessert centerpiece for serving fruit salad by making a melon basket. Cut a slice from the melon, and scoop out the flesh. Carve the melon skin to decorate, then fill with fruit salad.

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