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How To Clean The Pots Burn And Fats?

How To Clean The Pots Burn And Fats?

How to clean the pots burn and fats, this is an issue that preoccupies even the diligent housewife. Our favorite and heirloom from mother pots may burn or fade cause of excessive when we are in thoughtfulness a moment.

Don’t worry ladies in asuch of case, because we will explain how to clean the pots burn and fat quickly.

How We Clean The Pot Fat?

Fist you need fill a water in your pot if your pots burned when you in a thoughfullnes, tap water is good fort his job. Add the dish soap into the pot filled with water, put the cooker to boil immediately. You can get the stove thoroughly after boiling pot. Dont touch the pots after boiling one hour at least pot should releif. After all you can clean easly.

How We Clean Bottom Burned Pots?

Sometimes it just does not burn but badly amount pots bottoms. We can not even clean the boiling process or even clean must be another solution for our pot can not get the old way is not it? Yes you know the ladies. if burned the bottom of your pot and remained food residues in the pot bottom Sprinkle plenty of carbonate immediately to the bottom of the pot cover with water. if possible leave your pot a night like this. Drain the water in your pot next day and Add two tablespoons of vinegar into the pot and put enough water boil your pot again. Leave the pot boiling at least 10-15 min. After this process you clean your pot easly.

How To Clean The Pots Burn And Fats

Are There Remedy Dull Pots?

Our stainless steel pot from which both. Okay, you know, not stainless but not dull. Times dull and that the remaining work in the glow of our stainless steel cookware. It’s not that we spend money ladies. We did not spend that kind of money to the pot mat, I guess. So what to do should stop using our pots is?

Of course, no ladies now we will fight this dull pans as well as prior art. The first thing we do is put a little vinegar into another pot and leave the stove to warm up for a while. We will take our pot from the stove heated vinegar and We thoroughly soak a clean cloth dipped into our warm vinegar. Starting rub your pots with wet clothes has put in the warm vinegar water.

We will see that our pot will shine. Do not forget to rinse your cookware thoroughly after this process.

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