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How to Add Excitement to Your Personel Life?

How to Add Excitement to Your Personel Life?

Work, home cleaning, paying bills, children and all the other rutins make your sex life dull an deven depressing?

Ok then let’s change this and bring something new to the table. Let’s change all, lets fall in love again, let’s runaway from him or her again and maket hem chase us. What i mean is lets add excitement to your sex life.

Lets Change All The Rutins

Lets say that you dont know him or she dont know you. You guys need to date again but before that you have to became stranger to him or her. So lets not talk for couple days, act like you guys never meet before or not even share the same house. Yes, i know for get the kids. Send them for some time to grandmom or somewhere safe. And start to play this little game. Act like you just see her and want to talk to her. But dont do it fast, remember you guys dont know eachother. So that means you guys can not sleep in the same bed either! If you want to chase her than start chasing her or make her chase you. How u mean? Act like you dont even see her. That will drive her crazy. Make sure you guys play this game well.

Dating Time
After one of you chase the other, dont jump in the bed. Dont be to easy after all you gusy just meet. Make sure to g oto date. First movie or dinner right? No, no, no you guys need go somewhere you guys never been before. Get your self a crazy date time. Do things that you guys wana to do for long time but push it back fors o many reasons. Now, g oto your crazy date and make sure the have fun. But before doing that make sure to dressed diffrent, dont dress like regular times. Dress the way you always want.

Lets Change All The Rutins

Get The Know Each Other Again

Now you guys start dating wait dont jump to bed now either. Wait and stay calm. Now you guys need to get the know each other again. For add excitement to your sex life this si very importand step do not skip this step.

Talk to your partner like you just know him. Ask him much as questions possible and no matter what don’t ask anything from your relationship with your partner. Don’t try to get revenge for something just keep on acting. In few, you will see that you guys really need this a lot. Give this game couple more days and keep on dating and keep on talking.

The Perfect Night
We done all this for this importand night. So lets not rush and make sure we do all perfect. As i say before talk to your partner much as possible and ask questions much as possible. Well, now its pay back time. With all the questions you have ask, you have get teh know your partner all over again. And there is some clues that your partner give you even without knowing that. Make sure you keep those all the little clues and put it all in the one special and importand night. Now time to make perfect night. One ever the ckues you get from your partner use it till the end. And make sure try to survive without throw your self in to the arms of your partner. Make it slow as possible and long as possible before the fire the nigh!

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