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How Can I Plan My Bedroom?

How Can I Plan My Bedroom?

How Can I Plan My Bedroom? Organize a bedroom so that it will look attractive and accommodate clothes and other personal objects neatly.

Make sure that there is sufficient storage space for the occupier’s needs so that they can keep surfaces clear when they are using the bedroom.

Organizing Bedroom: Furnishing A Room

• Testing a new bed Before buying a bed, the person who will use the bed should lie on it to see if it is the correct size and softness for them.
• Adding cushions Buy a triangular or armchair-shaped cushion to support your back while sitting up in bed.
• Adapting a table Cut down the legs of a small table to make a surface for food or hobbies when you are in bed.
• Lighting a dressing table Install small light bulbs around a dressing-table mirror. Choose bulbs that emit clear light.
• Lighting a bed area Position bedside lights so that they can be turned off from the bed.

Creating Headboards
Hanging drapes: Screw two brass rings into the wall above a bed. Drape a long piece of lightweight, sheer fabric through the rings, leaving a swag between them. Hide the ends behind the pillows or mattress.

Providing Storage: Choosing a bed Increase storage space by buying a bed that is equipped with drawers in the base.

Keeping stuffed toys: To store stuffed toys, hang two hooks on adjoining walls at one corner of a room. Put a hook at the point at which the walls meet. Attach a triangular piece of netting. Put toys in the netting.

Careful Space Planning

Saving space in a bedroom:Arrange furniture and storage units so that available space. Use all potential storage areas, such as a gap under a bed or the top of an armoire. With careful planning, you can even make room for other activities such as exercise.

Money-saving Tip
Creating a bedside table: Place a sturdy wooden box by a bed, with the open end facing forward. Drape fabric- over the box. You can then stand items on the box and store objects inside it.

Organizing Bedroom: Adding Bed Space
• Keeping a cot Stow a cot under a regular bed so chat it will be easily accessible whenever you need it.
• Using a mattress Keep an old mattress to use as a spare bed. Vacuum clean it regularly, and examine it to check that the fabric has not worn out.
• Converting a futon Put a futon in your bedroom or living room. Keep it rolled up so that you can use it as a low-level couch when you do not need the bed space.
• Using a sofabed Keep a sofa bed in a spare room or living room to accommodate guests. Leave space in front of it so that you can unfold it when you need to use it.

Filling Closets
Installing drawers: Stand a small chest of drawers on the floor of a closet with built-in hardware. Hang short garments such as jackets above it. Check that the handles of the drawers do not obstruct the closet doors.

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