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Everything About Eggs

Everything About Eggs

Egg means health and power of the body. But even know that, there is a lot of things that we dont know about the eggs. That’s way this article is not just fort the ladies but also for everyone who wana know about everything.

As you understand by now, this article is about gone tells u everything about the eggs.

All Truth About Eggs

1. Egg shells as we say and throw them away. But, do u know how many pore on the egg shell? Let me tell u how many pore has on the one egg shell, 17.000 yes there is 17.000 pore on a egg shell.
2. Some times we do feel hungry and boil the egg, but than we dont feel like eat it rıght away. Than what? Ofcourse we just throw them in the fridge and for get them. We for get those eggs sometimes even for a week right! But when we dont wana cook and open the fridge we see that egg and thinking its go bad. Than what we do throw it to the garbage. Well, after u read the article of everything about eggs u wont do that again. Why? Because even the egg stay in fridge for a week, its fresher than the egg stay in ur kitchen for one day.
3. Is ur egg fresh or not? Do u wana know how u can tell if its fresh or not. Than keep on reading. To be able to know that, u gone need a half a liter of water and 60 grams of salt. And than throw ur egg in the water, if ur egg is sink to the bottom than u have ur self a fresh egg, if not ur egg is not fresh at all.
4. To increase the nutritional value of your food, u gone need a egg or two. That’s right, egg will increase the nutrition value of any food right away.
5. Are u gone have a party? Then, use the eggs as decorations on ur plate. U can use the eggs for salads or any other food.
6. To have a healthy food try to use the eggs in ur soups and in dairy desserts.


How to Flapping Flock of Egg?

It looks easy, ı know but it’s not. There is couple of things if u do pat attention u can make flapping flock even better. This is the last tip of the everything about eggs article.

1. Take ur eggs long before from fridge.
2. Do not flapped ur eggs with a fork, always use mixer for this.
3. Keep ur cup clean as possible.
4. No matter what use little bit of egg yolk.
5. And dont for get the add some salt as well.

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