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Cleaning and Caring for Mirrors

Cleaning and Caring for Mirrors

Polishing of mirrors

Create a sparkling finish on a mirror by applying a few drops of denatured alcohol. Do not allow any liquid to seep under the sides of the frame and behind the glass. Buff with a soft, dry, Jint-free cloth.

Hanging heavy mirrors

Large mirrors can often damage the wallpaper or paint on the wall they hang from. Prevent this by attaching strips of foam rubber or pieces of cork to the back corners of mirrors, using adhesive or double-sided tape.


  • Regular dusting Use a king- handled, fluffy brush to regularly dust a chandelier. This will reduce the need for frequent thorough cleaning.
  • Cleaning Turn off the electricity at the fuse box, and cover each bulb with a plastic bag. Cover the ground below to catch drips. Standing on a ladder, wipe all glass parts with a solution of dishwashing liquid. Spray cleaners are available for glass beads. Unscrew and clean cach bulb. Use a metal polish on the metal parts. If you have to dismantle the chandelier, make a diagram, so that you can put it together again.

Decanters and Vases

  • Cleaning Put a handful of salt and 2 tsp (10 ml) of white vinegar in dull decanters and vases. Shake vigorously, then rinse. Alternatively, use a solution of white vinegar and water, and a little coarse sand. Shake well, then rinse.
  • Stains in crystal vases To remove stains and grime deposits, fill a vase with water and 2 tbsp (30 ml) ammonia. Leave for several hours, then wash and rinse. Always wear gloves when using ammonia.
  • Stains in decanters Use a solution of household bleach to remove port stains from decanters. Be sure to rinse thoroughly – until all trace and smell of bleach has gone.
  • Storing decanters Place a small silica packet (available from florists) in decanters to absorb any moisture and prevent mustiness.



Caring for watches Get a professional to clean the insides of a watch. Always remove a watch off before putting your hands in water to prevent damage to the works.

Treating scratches

Remove scratches from watch crystals by rubbing firmly for 10 minutes with a piece of cloth wrapped around your finger and dipped in thick metal polish. Polish the face afterward.


Loose screws If the screws of your eyeglasses tend to come out easily, dab the ends of the screws (while they are properly screwed in) with clear nail varnish.

Cleaning eyeglasses

Wash eyeglasses regularly in a dishwashing liquid solution. Rub with undiluted dishwashing liquid to prevent eyeglasses from clouding over; or polish with eau de cologne.

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