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How Can I Make The Cleaning Checklist?

How Can I Make The Cleaning Checklist?

This chart contains brief guidelines for cleaning the different surfaces found in the home. For more detailed instructions on caring for various household items and surfaces, and undertaking minor repairs.

Surface Basic Cleaning Method Special Notes

Tiles: Wipe with household detergent, and rinse to remove residual traces. Clean dirly grout with a household bleach solution. Remove soap splashes with a solution of one part white vinegar to four parts water. Rinse.

Brick: Scrub with a solution of dishwashing liquid, taking care not to overwet since bricks are porous, linsc and diy. Sponge burn marks with vinegar, and rinse.

Concrete: Dissolve a cup of washing soda in a bucket of warm water, and wash. Sweep concrete floors regularly. To remove stains, scrape off any deposit, scrub with sugar soap crystals, then rinse.

Leather: Wipe with a damp cloih rubbed on a bar of glycerin soap. Apply a thin coat of hide food occasionally.

Glass: Use a window-cleaning product on glass surfaces. Do not get it on carpets it will stain. Try to avoid touching glass, as it shows fingerprints. Use vinegar to remove greasy marks on the glass.

Marble: Sponge with a soap flake solution, and rinse. Use specialized products for any further treatments needed.

Slate: Clean with a dishwashing liquid solution. Rinse with a damp cloth, then buff to a shine. Use marble polish on smooth slate. Scrub textured slate with a brush and dishwashing liquid solution.

Plastic: Wipe over with dishwashing liquid. Use an aerosol cleaner to protect the plastic from dust. Soak smelly plastic containers overnight in a baking soda and warm water solution.

metal cleaning

Stainless Steel: Wash and dry immediately after use. Polish occasionally. Tends to discolor and pit, so immerse it in water for as short a time as possible.

Silver: Polish regularly. If stored, keep items in tarnish proof paper or bags. Never mix silver and stainless steel in a dishwasher’s cutlery basket. The egg will stain silver cutlery.

Wood:Dust, sweep, and mop regularly, and polish only occasionally. Do not wet unsealed wood.

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